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Activity Jungle is an online marketplace for Sacramento Families to search, contact, write and read reviews of high quality, local children’s activities in a simple, convenient way. We have a local network of activity providers we personally work with to bring parents the best activities.


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Connecting Communities. Inspiring Passion.


We believe…

Every child should find their passion! We want to inspire children to be mentally and physically active, and encourage them along their journey.

We believe in engaging and building up our communities, and modeling this to our members (especially the children!) – fostering responsible leaders from an early age.


Clarisse Baca

CEO / Co-Founder


John Meidinger

CFO / Co-Founder

Join Activity Jungle today and be a HERO to your child’s life

Help Us Grow

We are at the beginning stages of our Start-up company, and we picked Sacramento families and activity providers to start our adventure.  Please share our information with your friends, family, and local coaches and instructors.
Thank you!

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