Mad Science of Sacramento County

Zaps, Booms & Shocking Sights


Ages 3-12
zzZZAAPP! POWWW! KaBOOOOM! Beware junior scientists: you are headed for a scientific blast! Join us for a hair-raising good time! (Literally!) You'll harness heat energy and explore the properties of sound. You'll experiment with mysterious magnets, examine strange optical illusions and participate in an eye-popping demonstration of static electricity! Topics include:

  • Harnessing Heat

  • Magnetic Magic

  • Optical Illusions

  • Sonic Sounds

  • Watts-Up

  • Lights, Color, Action

Please contact us for more information.
PHONE: 916-779-0390

Skill level: Everyone
Address: 1808 Tribute Road, Sacramento, CA 95815

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