Kids Unplugged

Muay Thai Kickboxing


Ages 12-18
Our one-hour kickboxing class is crafted for kids at each level. This invigorating one hour work-out session is not only incredibly fun and exciting for the students participating, but guarantees one of the most high-energy hours of exercise he/she has ever experienced. Though this class is centered around the popular martial art “Muay Thai,” this class does not glorify violence and is not aimed to train a student for competition.

Lead by seasoned youth worker and Muay Thai trainer, Jon Lawrence, this class consists of group sessions that ensure your student receives the high level of physical intensity targeted.The “Mindful” aspect of this class allows the student to realize that invigorating exercise is a path to a both mental and physical relaxed state necessary to learn or socialize in a stress-free environment. “Mindful Muay Thai” consists of a ten-minute check period, the kickboxing work-out itself, and meditative cool-down period at the end to leave your child in a state of calmness. This class will build confidence, and will introduce your child to alternative forms of athleticism.

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Purchase limit: 12
Skill level: Everyone
Address: 1717 34th Street, Sacramento, CA 95816

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